Key Features:

    • Interactive Interface: Design an inviting and interactive platform for students to explore services and university partnerships.
    • Mobile Optimization: A responsive design that guarantees a seamless experience on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
    • Content Management System (CMS): Implement a user-friendly CMS for easy updates and management of content by the UniReps team.
    • SEO Strategies: Incorporate SEO best practices to increase the website’s visibility and attract a targeted audience.
    • Call-to-Action (CTA) Integration: Strategically placed CTAs to guide users towards conversion points, such as service inquiries or sign-ups.

Outcome: A dynamic and user-centric website that successfully positions UniReps as a leading facilitator in the Tourism sector, enhancing their service outreach and user engagement.

This project demonstrates our ability to blend design aesthetics with functionality, creating a powerful online platform that supports our client’s business objectives and

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Web Development, UI/UX Design, Graphics, Art Direction

  • Client


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